Scott Clements

Scott is a Director of Aqui Property Group and has extensive experience in delivering reputable projects. Outside of being a qualified engineer and Managing Director of a highly successful firm he has worked in other roles including development, marketing and finance.

He has worked on projects of all scales from small housing projects to multi-residential apartments, industrial and commercial developments and stadium structures and brings his positive approach to every project he is involved in.

Chris Wright

Chris is a Director of Aqui Property Group and has owned and operated a number of small businesses. He specialises in the finance industry, particularly property development finance. He has been involved in many projects and has a proven record of negotiation with key stakeholders.

His background includes having over 16 years of Corporate Banking experience with NAB, Bankwest & CBA in Business Development and Relationship Management roles where he was responsible for delivering high valued clients a range of financial products and services including cashflow management, wealth creation and risk management strategies.